• carbon filter housing
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Carbon filter housing also called sand filter housing or Activated carbon filter housing

Carbon filter housing through the carbon bed to finish filter. The activated carbon bed is composed of many particles of microporous and enormous specific surface with strong physical adsorption capacity. Water flow through the carbon bed, organic pollutants in water was adsorbed by activated carbon effectively.

Addition, activated carbon of non-crystalline part on the surface has some of the oxygen tube to allow the water through the carbon bed of organic pollutants by activated carbon adsorption. Activated carbon filters are commonly used in water treatment equipment, as a water treatment system to ensure pre-treatment to be effective before desalination to assure equipment life, improve water quality, pollution prevention, particularly after the class is to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resins, etc. Free oxygen toxicity than pollution. The available method of backwashing restore its adsorption capacity. The reasonable structure, easy to use, applicable to a variety of higher quality

Sand filter specifications

1. This treatment system has good filtration effect

2. Convenient operation

3. High efficiency and low cost

Quarz Sand Filter in this equipment can effectively remove suspended

Particls, impurities in raw water, which making output water meet customers


1. The depth of water purification; Breweries, beverage and other industries the depth of water purification treatment;

2. Process condensate water removal, treatment, etc. In addition to organic matter; Pure water, high pure water preparation process of the former treatment; Industrial wastewater 3

3. Domestic wastewater treatment such as purification. Harmful substances, such as organic matter, colloids, microorganisms, oil, residual chlorine

4. Restaurant, hotel, units, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions, as a water depth of Living purification equipment. The device with the UV sterilizer supporting the use of drinking water can be used as brewing beverages, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other

5. Industrial water ideal for water purification equipment.

Technic parameter:

1. Filter speed: 11-15m3

2. Back flushing time: 4-10min

3. Regenerate time: 15-30min

4. Inlet water tuibidity: <=10mg/L

5. Outlet water ruibidity: <=3mg/L

6. Wipe off rate: 90-96%

7. Back flushing intension: 12-18L/S. M2

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