• Sanitary Magnetic Separator
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
  • Shipping Method:  Sea,Air,Courier
  • Payment Term:  L/C;T/T;Western Union,Paypal

Sanitary Magnetic Filter

 sanitary magnetic filters are available for pipe sizes from DN50 to DN125. The connections are flanges and Tri clamp . The housing is suitable for the food ,beverage ,milk and pharma industries.

Sanitary Magnetic Filter remove ferrous contamination from liquid with different viscosity level. Magnetic filter remove small contaminants, provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipments.


Sanitary Magnetic Filter Features:

1. Many different styles available for different materials.

2. The max magnetic strength can reach 12,000GS for N style, 8000GS for E style.

3. Standard working temperature 80c, max working temperature can be chosen from 80c to 350c as the same with magnetic bars if needed.

4. Stainless steel 304 or316L is available for housing material.

5. Properly designed magnetic configuration ensures Maximum magnetic effect without impeding liquid flow.

7. Pressure design or other special requirement can be custom made.


Insulation Style Magnetic filter

Insulation Style Liquid Traps or Filters have a jacket filled with hot water or oil that keep liquid warm enough wen it pass through the taps. Ideal choice for chocolate, syrups, jams and sauces to removing ferrous contamination

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