• PALL Replacement High Flow Filter Cartridge
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Pall Replacement Ultipleat High Flow Filter Cartridge

OD / diameter 152mm ~ 160mm (shell, strap type)

Ultipleat high flow filter cartridge has a large diameter of 6 inches / 152 mm, coreless ,single open ended,pleated cartridge with an inside to outside flow pattern .The filters unique,crescent shaped pleat geometry ,combined with the large diameter allows you to use fewer filters to remove fine particles and cysts in high flow applications .And this high filter filter element is equal to Palls model

Graded pore structure

When filter water, the filter flow rates up to 110m³ / H

Filtration system can be reduced by 50% the size of the largest

Available 20 inch / 508mm, 40inch / 1016mm and 60 inch / 1524mm length of the filter From the inside to the outside of the flow direction to ensure that all impurities are trapped in the filter-candle inner

Technical Specifications

Parts material:

Filter: Folding deep polypropylene (PP), or meltblown polypropylene

Support / diversion layer: Polypropylene

Cover: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene

O-ring seal Material: EPDM, Buna N


1m, 4.5m, 6m, 10m, 20m, 40m, 70m, 100m

Filter size:

Outside diameter: 6 inch (152mm)

Length: 20inch (508mm) / 40inch (1016mm) / 60inch (1524mm)

Operating conditions:

Maximum operating temperature: Folding PP: 82 C; meltblown polypropylene: 65 C

Maximum pressure drop: Folding PP: 3.4bar, 82 C; meltblown polypropylene: 1.03bar, 65 C

Filter replacement is recommended pressure drop: 2.4bar, 20 C

The recommended maximum filtered water flow: 20inch long filter: 220LPM; 40inch long filter: 480LPM; 60inch long filter: 700LPM


RO security filters, desalination pretreatment

Power plant condensate water filtration

Biopharmaceutical industry raw material drug, solvents, water filtration

Bottled water, sugar, edible oil, fruit juice, soft drinks, milk filters

Paints, coatings, petrochemical

Microelectronics, films, fibers, resins

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