• Hydrophobic PTFE For Liquid
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
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LPF filter cartridges, manufactured with permanently hydrophobic PTFE membranes, provide the cleanest fluids at the highest flow rate with the lowest possible cost. LPF serves as a low-cost alternative to all fluoropolymer cartridge in aggressive applications and maintains broad chemical compatibility with low extractable levels and high particle retention rates. Suit for organic solvents, aggressive acids, chemical liquid filter

Features and Benefits

  Provides broad chemical compatibility

High surface area design provides excellent flow rates and extended service

  life while maintaining high particle removal efficiency

Specially designed to ensure cleanliness

Narrow pore size distribution ensures the ultimate in retention and flow rate

Thermally welded, eliminating adhesive extractables

Variety of seal configurations allow retrofit in many filter vessel design


Solvents   Electronic 

Medicine Process water

Acids  Etchants

Photoresists Alkalies 

Polymer Filtration   Rinse Bath


Filter Medium

Hydrophobic PTFE

Support Layer


Core/Cage/End Caps


Pore Size

0.02um,0.05um,0.1um,0.2um,0.45um 1.0um,3.0um,5.0um,10um

End Cap

Double open end, 222, 226


Silicone; EPDM; Viton

Maximum Temperature

90 (194)

Maximum Pressure



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