• Hydrophobic PTFE For Gas
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
  • Shipping Method:  Sea,Air,Courier
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HGPF filter cartridges are designed as sterilizing filters for air, gas and vent service in critical high-temperature applications in the Bio pharmaceutical and bioprocess industry with absolute removal rating of 0.01micron which ensures the removal of all airborne bacteria, viruses and bacteriophage.

Features and Benefits

100% Integrity tested to release assuring absolute reliability

Longer service life even at elevated temperatures(>100¡æ)

Enhanced steaming resistance

Exceptionally high flow rates with low pressure drops


Fermentation inlet gas

Hot WFI tank vents

Process gas

Aseptic packaging


Filter Medium

Expanded PTFE

Upstream Support

Resin impregnated polyaramid

Downstream Support

Resin impregnated polyaramid


316L stainless steel


Heat stabilised polypropylene


Heat stabilised polypropylene

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