• Fixed Spray Ball
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
  • Shipping Method:  Sea,Air,Courier
  • Payment Term:  L/C;T/T;Western Union,Paypal

Fixed sprayballs are simple low pressure cleaning devices commonly used for the internal washing of process and storage tanks. They project a particular pre-selected spray pattern based on the drilling arrangement of the holes in the ball. As they are stationary not all of the interior walls receive direct spray so they rely upon the liquid sheet that is generated by cascading liquid flowing down the walls to clean the areas in between. Fixed sprayballs are typically used for less demanding cleaning duties. Best results are achieved at relatively low pressures.



.AISI 316L stainless steel construction

¡¤Low cost

¡¤No moving parts

¡¤No maintenance

¡¤Free draining

¡¤Simple & secure fixing with SS clip

¡¤Flat shoulder for true full coverage


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