• 3M Replacement High Flow Filter Cartridge
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3M Replacement High Flow Filter Cartridge

The High flow filter cartridge adapt the Transverse pleated technology and use special equipment to produce the efficient standard products, short production cycle and the strong price advantage.One  single filter has a large filtration area, filter can be configured in a variety of containers, which can accommodate a single round to 37 rounds, to meet the different filter rate, the greatest increased filtration area.


Filtration as a pre-filter or terminal for the following applications

• acids and alkalis    • EDM fluid              • film processing agents

• amines            • sugar                   • plating solution

• Beer and wine      • Glycol                 • RO membranes

• Bottled water       • Groundwater purification • rain

• Carbon bed         • Laundry water        • Ultrafiltration

• completion fluid     • Alcoholic beverages    • Ultra-pure water

• coolant water from deep wells   • Machinery   • Wastewater

• Desalination • Magnetic Media • Flood

• Resin • Lotion • workover fluids

• Edible oil • Organic solution

Product Features 

• amount of pollutant in the ultra guarantee, extended service life, thereby reducing the cost

• required a significant reduction in the number of filter replacement, saving labor costs

• Seal connector design reduces the risk of bypass flow, thereby improving the filtration efficiency

• Easy to install, low labor costs

• Extensive use of the chemical can be used in a variety of areas

Technical Specifications

Filter size:

• External diameter: 6.5 "(165mm)

• inner diameter: 1.6 "(40mm)

• Length: 39 "(1000mm)

Component Materials

• filter: fiberglass, polypropylene (PP)

• support / diversion layer: Polypropylene

• cover material: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene

• ring Material: EPDM, nitrile rubber, Teflon bag Viton

Filter performance:

• filtering accuracy: 1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 50um, 70um

• The maximum operating temperature: 80 íŠ

• Maximum pressure drop: 3.4Bar, 80 íŠ

• Recommended pressure drop filter replacement: 2.48Bar, 20 íŠ

• The recommended maximum filter water flow: 1300 L / min

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